Out with the old, in with the new

Updated Website, Finally! 

*Celebrates*!  Yes, you got it. I've been wanting to re-create a new website for a while now but I am only now am getting around to it. But what better time than now?

I've been on this journey where I've figured I should take pride and put my best forward in every aspect of life, that includes my online presence! My website is the one place people should be able to come to and have a clear vision on who Shan is, where she'll be performing next, what she up to with her career, etc etc. Of course it's a major marketing tool but I had to question the credibility and professionalism of it. I am glad I did! I still have a away to go as I'd really like to start blogging and sharing my thoughts on different subjects as a Singer, Performer, Traveler, Young Black Female, Christian.


Thank you for being a part of my journey! I'm excited to see what the future unfolds.

God bless yaas!

Shan =)