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Whitney Queen Of The Night



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So if you've been following my journey you'll know I am a part of the Theatre Production - Whitney Queen of the Night.


The Production began in 2014 April - I held the role of Backing Vocalist/Dancer/1st Understudy and I LOVED IT! I was definitely on a mission to improve my dancing, stamina, vocals and I just wanted to get back into performing regularly. I had just graduated from University, worked at a Radio PR company, my time in the Magic of Motown show had ended and I was ready for something new! What better opportunity than a show that consisted Whitney Houston songs! 

2 whole years later I then took on the leading role! My role consists of fronting the stage bringing the essence of Whitney to the audience! This was and still is a big step for me, as Whitney Houston is a Legend, Special, God Sent, Most amazing vocalist i've herd! That's big shoes to fill! But I love to be challenged and am honoured to be trusted for such a role!

I've never had one on one singing lessons, so when I prepared for the role I felt like I was being schooled by every video I watched, every time I went on stage and I don't think I'll ever stop schooling myself. Yes, I will never sound like Whitney but I always focus on becoming a more skilful performer/singer and making sure I deliver the songs with love, feeling and truth. If anything i'm sure that's what Whitney herself would've wanted. 

I love performing and who I perform with! I am blessed enough to be surrounded by such a great cast full of beautiful people inside-out! Trust me, it makes all the difference! Team work makes the dream work.

Finally, the tour consists of 1-4 shows a week, with each week varying. We travel the UK and Europe Theatres throughout the year, so if we're near you or a family member, be sure to come along.

For Tour Dates Visit - www.queenofthenight.co